Brass Compression Ring Remover – Back In Stock


The fastest and easiest way to remove brass compression rings from copper piping.

  • Removes brass compression ring in seconds
  • No damage to copper pipe
  • No mushrooming the end of copper pipes
  • Fits into tight places where a sleeve puller can’t
  • Makes quick work of an otherwise difficult ring removal
  • Easy to use
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How To Use:

  1. Unfurl and then remove all existing water shadows and/or angle stops from copper piping
  2. Push the existing nut back, exposing the brass compression ring
  3. Place the pipe insert into the copper pipe
    • Make sure your copper pipe is reamed properly per plumbing code
  4. Turn the splitter head clockwise, finger tight
  5. Using a pair of pliers, turn the splitter head clockwise with little turns until you hear a snap
    • Do not over tighten past that point otherwise it will cause damage to the copper and also break the tool
  6. Lastly, loosen the splitter bit, removing the existing compression nut and brass ring


1 review for Brass Compression Ring Remover – Back In Stock

  1. Johnny

    This tool works great in tight spots,does’nt damage the copper tubing works great! Recommened it to everybody and anybody good product.

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