RotoWedge Set2-1

Roto-Wedge Spacer, The Ultimate Solution FOR MASONRY, TILE, STONE AND MORE!


The Roto-Wedge Spacer is the perfect spacing solution for tile, stone, masonry and more!

  • Fast, efficient, increases productivity and provides more accuracy than basic wedges, shims, wood or
  • The innovative design prevents the installer from hitting the wall, giving you full use of the wedge
  • Spacing thickness – Small (Blue): 1/64 in. – ¼ in. (0.04 mm – 6.3 mm)
  • Spacing thickness – Large (Green): 1/16 in. – 7/8 in. (1.6 mm – 22.2 mm)
  • 75 pieces per pack in Small (Blue)
  • 25 pieces per pack in Large (Green)
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Wedges are an important tool for tile setters because of their ability to adjust the grout joint between opposing tiles and compensate for any variation in tile size. They assist in leveling the tile and create thin spaces for marble, granite and travertine. Wedges have been popular with tile setters for decades, but they have always had their limitations. These wedges have been completely reinvented into what we call the Roto-Wedge. This new dynamic design solves all the problems associated with today’s common wedge. The Roto-Wedge design has half the pitch of today’s wedges and as a result has twice the precision to adjust for size variation. The Roto-Wedge is never limited by hitting a wall. It will rotate until the desired spacing is achieved. By design the Roto-Wedge is much more stable, allowing it to remain in place while the setter adjusts the tiles.

Listen up masons! As you know there has never been a spacer specifically designed for masonry. Until now, rocks, sticks and cardboard have been the method of choice for spacing masonry stones. Finally, the large Roto-Wedge offers the masonry industry a professional spacing solution that ranges from an impressive 1/64th to 7/8th of an inch. The Roto-Wedge works amazing at getting the bottom row stone or tile level and secure to support the rest of the material. The Roto-Wedge is also great for creating the extra space needed for rustic tiles. When the work piece has set up properly the Roto-Wedges are easy to remove, clean up, and are ready for use again and again. Stop hitting a wall! Get going with a Roto-Wedge!


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