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Oil Spills

Oil Spill Absorbents- Oilinator

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Oilinator has created a terrific product line of oil spill absorbents that are made up of 100% recycled sorbent materials. These oil spill absorbents are unsinkable and float indefinitely even when they are fully saturated with oil. The capacity of all these products is amazing and instantly works to absorb any kind of spills. This tremendous capacity leaves the water clean and clear. Many of the oil spill absorbents comes with grommets so they can be attached together to form any shape or size. Furthermore, these products work instantly on land and water. They are amazing and save time, money, effort and injury. Their effectiveness and affordability accompanied by its light weight, high capacity abilities make it the next best thing for cleaning up spills. These oil spill boom socks, flexible booms, mats and drum toppers have all been authorized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and have its own patent pending with the US government patent office.

When you have an oil spill, be spared the loss of expensive labor and of potential high fines associated with violations of federal, state and local law by using these oil spill absorbents. Gallons of oil related spills can be picked up by these Oilinator products. New and old gasoline, jet and diesel fuel, motor and gear oil, transmission, brake, power steering and hydraulic fluid coolant, antifreeze, oil and water based paint- are just a few related spills that can be cleaned up quickly and efficiently with these products. These kinds of spills can be found in an endless number of places from fire departments, airports, oil drillers, machine shops, auto repair shops, lube facilities and much more. These Oilinator oil spill absorbent products have been amazingly designed to instantly smother, contain and absorb spills of any size. Featured in places like CNN Money News, Forbes Magazine and ESPN Magazine, the Oilinator has even been used to help with the Gulf Oil Spill.