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Saf-T-Kut Plumbers Helper 10-1 Multi Tool

By June 25, 2014Electrical, Plumbing

The Plumbers Helper 10-1 Multi Tool is a simple and convenient tool developed for assisting with simple plumbing repairs and maintenance. It is a compact tool fitting for these basic plumbing repairs. The Plumber Helper 10-1 Multi Tool includes 10 different and equally useful tools. The first is a quarter inch hex key that is used to free up clogs from frozen and/ or non-working garbage disposals. The second is a convenient level that includes a small ruler and can be detached for use. An example could be when you are trying to set and level a toilet. The third is a 5/16” standard hex nut driver for use on hose clamps or no-hub couplings. The fourth is a de-burring tool that can be utilized for reaming out copper and plastic piping. The fifth is a dual, fine surfaced sided flat file for filing smaller items. The sixth is a standard Phillip’s Screwdriver #2, one of the most common screw heads. The seventh is a quarter inch flat head/ slotted screwdriver. The eighth is an angle hook or O-Ring Washer Pick that is perfect for retrieving O-rings and washers, or to poke, prod, and pull. The ninth is a small, standard utility knife. And finally, we have a quarter inch hex nut driver that can be used for loosening or tightening tech screws on water heater vents or air conditioning vents. The Plumbers Helper 10-1 Multi Tool includes everything and more for all types of basic plumbing issues.