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Construction Supply Sourcing Best Sellers

By September 25, 2015Uncategorized

One of the best sellers at Contractor Supply Sourcing is the patented Oilinator Super Sorbent Mat. This oil spill relief mat will absorb up to seven gallons of oil and other petroleum-related substances on both land and water. Even fully saturated with oil, this mat will float and remain completely waterproof. Grommets allow for linking of multiple mats to surround water or land based oil or other petroleum-type spills. Mats come in several sizes to best match the absorbent needs of the land or water oil clean-up.

IncrediSorb is the most efficient absorbent oil spill relief compound on the market. This product will absorb oil leaks, oil spills and other petroleum based clean-ups. The proprietary technology attracts and captures oil and fuel and will not sink even when fully saturated. Use for both land and water spills.

HoldTight 102 is the industry wide best known secret for achieving optimal surface preparation. HoldTight 102 is a rust inhibitor by removing chlorides and other contaminants. Since HoldTight 102 is not a coating, it does not interfere with primer or coating adhesion because it does not create a separate layer or moisture barrier between the freshly blasted surface and the new coating. HoldTight 102 can be used successfully with both wet and dry blasting.