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Saf-T-Kut Box Bag

By June 20, 2014Electrical, Plumbing

BoxBagSaf-T-Kut’s Box Bag is reliable, durable, and reusable. To put it aptly, the uses are endless. Measuring 31” long, 18” wide, and 12” tall, the box bag was designed by contractors and made from construction grade materials. As the name suggests, the box bag is shaped to form a box and can hold up to 50 pounds of food, fluid, or debris. With a very visible and bright orange color, it definitely stands out. It is a unique, malleable box bag, the square shape making it unique from other common bags, and the ability to contort the bag making it unique from other boxes. This perfect combination makes it a perfect receptacle- with four handles that can be gathered together for carrying handles or simply folded over. It is compact when it isn’t needed and the perfect tote otherwise.

The box bag is extremely helpful in a myriad number of situations and industries. For example if you need it for plumbing repairs it can hold many appliances, protect a tub from being damaged when repairing a toilet, or contain any potential messes. The flexibility of it allows it to fit under tight spaces, constricting water or debris to the box bag and easily disposing of the waste when finished. In general, it is great for protecting surrounding areas and for job and construction projects. Furthermore, it is even graciously helpful for more mundane tasks like yard work or just protecting the truck of your car after a day at the beach since there are bound to be wet towels and sandy clothing. Once again, the uses of the box bag are simply endless.