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Saf-T-Kut Reciprocating Saw Blade

By June 18, 2014Electrical, Plumbing

Saf-T-Kut’s Reciprocating Saw Blades eliminate damage to electrical wiring and plumbing pipes. They are easily inserted into most commercial grade reciprocating saws- some examples include Milwaukee, De Walt, Makita, and Rigid. These sleek and simple reciprocating saw blades easily cut through any existing dry wall and plaster. The tips of these blades are carbide tipped for maximum strength and purchases come in a pack of two. What separate these reciprocating saw blades from other ones are the design capabilities that guarantee that when cutting, there will be no damage to any hidden electrical, plumbing and telecommunication lines that may be installed behind your walls. So if there happens to be any wires and pipes within the wall, these reciprocating saw blades will – as they are designed to be- cut through the wall safely without damaging the wires and pipes.

Easy to use for the DIY in-home plumbing and electrical repairs, it is perfect for the professional plumber and professional electrician. An additional benefit is that compared to other blades, there is over 60% less dust when using these reciprocating saw blades. Furthermore, the application of utilizing these reciprocating saw blades is stress-free and simple. They are installed just like any other typical reciprocating saw blades. For the most part, you need to simply slip the blade into the reciprocating saw, though it is beneficial that you check that the blade is locked into place before use. When using, firmly hold the reciprocating saw at a ninety degree angle against the dry wall or plaster board and cut safely away. With Saf-T-Kut’s Reciprocating Saw Blades, removing dry wall and plaster is now easy, safe and worry free from damaging wires and pipes within the wall. You can now cut safely with Saf-T-Kut.

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